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Princess Party Decorating ideas
Best Princess Birthday Party Craft Ideas
Make A Fairy Halo. Simple Fun for all ages 3-10.  This is a great craft for children. It does require some prep work on your party. You will need some stretchy cord. Measure around your child's head and leave enough extra to tie off at the end. Once you cut the cord to the right length you must make a big knot at one end. It works best if you use something to tie the knot around. ( Bead or macaroni)  Next decide what the guests will use to string on their halos. We made bowls of chunky plastic beads, macaroni sprinkled with glitter, silk flower petals, foamie shapes with a hole punch in middle. Hand each child a cord and tell them to slip items down to the knot at the bottom until the cord is 3/4 full. Let them create their beautiful halos and have an adult tie the ends together. You can add ribbon trims at the back for them.
*hint. Always a good idea to make a few before hand in case one breaks or a child is late to the party.
Paper Crown Craft. You can make a simple pattern and lay the crowns out flat on the table. The pattern can be on any paper that you choose. You can even buy paper crowns at your local party store and have the children decorate with stick on jewels, stickers and glitter. We always liked the "self adhesive" craft decorating items best. If you can stay away from glue--it will make your life so much easier. Tape the ends together when they are finished decorating.
Toilet Paper Roll Castle. This could be a great group craft project for your party or a fun family activity. This will also make a great party decoration.  The following link will give you complete directions and even a cut out pattern to get you started. Have fun with this one. We found this on the site: DLTK'S CRAFTS FOR KIDS.
Princess Cone Hat Craft. This craft does require a little preparation time on your part but will be a big hit with all the children. Follow the instructions for constructing the basic hat. Leave the decorating design up to the little princesses. Be sure to shoot a picture when everyone is finished.  We found this on the site: FIRST PALETTE.COM.
Crown Paintable. A great fun craft idea that your little princesses and princes can take home and hang up in their rooms. We have seen inexpensive wood crowns at craft stores like Micheals and AC Moore. If you do not live near one of these stores, you can easily make
them yourself. We think thick plush 2 ply presentation board works great too. The cutting is a little tricky so do not make your pattern too small.  This comes in white so you can add the child's name and ribbon to back for hanging ahead of time. Children can decorate with jewels, glitter, ribbbon, stickers ect.
Princess Cupcake Decorating Craft. The pictures tell us all we need to know about this fantastic party activity. Cupcake boxes and undecorated cupcakes can be bought at a local cupcake bake shop.  We found this on the site: suchprettythings blog.
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